Poem: The Quiet Adventures of a Solo Traveller

I am embarking on yet another solo journey and yes I know Covid is still around. It's a risk a passionate traveller like me will take. When the government says 'hey ho, you can go, just be safe and stay away from these countries' The traveller briefs a sigh of relief and ponders on which should be the next (safest) destination offcourse Research done, flights booked, hotels reserved and a little cloth shopping for the new adventure. Sporty, casual, evening outing outfits  and ladies, don't forget the cosmetics. All packed and ready to fly with no one by my side.
When I travel, I'll be all by myself When I sit down at a restaurant to eat, I'll be all by myself  When I visit a monument,I'll be all by myself when I decide to take a scenic tour, I I will enjoy the pleasant views all by myself When I lay down to rest at night, I'll be all by myself.
But I'll be enjoying my own company. I'll be having an adventure. I'll admire God's creation. I'll be s…

What's a girl to do?!

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Well there is a lot I can say about the quote above and I know many women will agree with me. I am not too experienced in relationships but from what I have encountered and what I see happen around me, I have some questions for the guys. So guys don't go, stick around 😉

Let's imagine this scenario. A guy sees a beautiful girl, declares his love or likeness of her to her. She is very casual about it and doesn't get too excited by his profession of love/intense like. He tries again and she agrees to talk on the phone, communicate by text, whatsapp etc. Very soon these two have been talking for quite sometime and get comfortable enough with each other to go on a few 'dates'. The lady obviously now likes this guy enough to consider dating him as a boyfriend. At this point the relationship is not just one-sided and the lady is also investing her time and sometimes calls or texts to check up on him. Few weeks down the line, communication …

Announcement: Road to 60

If you are reading this post then I am counting on you. I hand-picked you to share this with and I believe you can support in this regard. 
Very soon on the 9th of August, Intraordinary will be celebrating it's 5th anniversary. In celebration of this, I want to reach 60 posts by the 9th of August. Mathematically, it works out to me publishing a post every month for the past 5 years; although I haven't. My current blog post count stands at 53 excluding this one.
I also present some other statistics so that you know our starting point. All time views: 6,142 Followers / Suscribers: 0 Comments: 20
Can you please share this blog with others in our network who you think will benefit from this or relate with the topics discussed in this blog. I believe that with your help I can reach at least 10 followers by the 5th anniversary. With your help, IntraOrdinary can reach over 800 extra views, making it 7000 views and we have more conversations happening on here. 
If you have read any of my pos…

Just Ask

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"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." Matthew 7:7 NIV (The Bible)1

I recently resumed an initiative I started 4 years ago called No Ordinary Life. For the first time, apart from writing this blog, I feel like I am doing something of my own that I really like.

It's growing and that makes me happy. But when I think about the journey over the past 6 weeks, what makes me really really proud (like no.1 proud) is not the number of followers we have acquired or the consistency of our posting, it is the fact that it is where it is now because I asked. And of course with God's help, asking has made the difference between doing it well, making an impact or doing nothing at all.

You see, when I first began 4 years ago, I would stay away from reaching out to those I considered the 'big shots' because I thought it was just a small project, I had just gotten started and couldn't…

Believe in You

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Let's begin with an inspirational quote.

If you are a regular Intraordinary blog reader or if you have watched my Q&As, you will know that I write inspired by the happenings of my life whether good or bad because there is always a lesson to be learned. 
I have recently began a new project and have noticed something. I have been quite disappointed by the people who have not shown much support but I have also been surprised by those who have consistently shown support. I get compliments from strangers who have been inspired by a live broadcast and tell me to keep going. Some of them even promote the project.  
So - it turns out that experience is the best teacher as the saying goes. If I can be quite honest, I was a bit upset that some people who I thought will be the first to show their support have not yet said anything. However, I have been very overwhelmed and blessed by the number of people who have shown support consistent…

Intraordinary Travels: The Solo Picnic Trip

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2020 has been a tough year for everyone. This I can say with a 100% certainty. COVID -19 came and rocked our world and threw our plans out of the window. 
As a solo traveller and wanderluster, I must confess that I got very sad (almost depressed) with the thought of not being able to travel outside international or national borders for the forseeable future and I have somehow began making contingency plans for the summer holidays. And by that,I mean I have been thinking of making a contingency plan.
Although this blog post is not exactly going to tell you how to plan a successful 3-day city break, it will show you how to plan a kind of a trip - a solo picnic trip.  The inspiration for this trip came two days ago, at a time when the whole of London (maybe even England) basked in a week of glorious warm summer days, I was stuck at home wondering how to make the most of the summer days. I knew I wanted to be out there like everyone else but my usual walk through the p…

A poem about Me

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Forgive me, I know you didn't ask me to tell you about myselfBut I am taking the liberty to anyway I apologize if this comes across as rude But I am not nice to myself so that might be a reason why
Just a few minutes ago, I had just told myself to shut up But only for a good reason,  I had had enough of hearing the lists of my shortcomings. And the court reporter that asked 'do you plead guilty?' But my mind came to my defence and played attorney - Or was it my God? ... Because a few moments before the thoughts in my head wouldn't stop accusing me.
Anyway, there you go...that's one thing about me and it's not a secret anymore I apologize if this comes across to you as disturbing but it disturbs me too I am not nice to myself so that might be the reason why
It would help if I told myself twice as many soothing and encouraging words to fight the negative thoughts.
Here it comes, the good quotes threw in to my defence
"Create your own happin…